Oral Surgery in Cincinnati

What Is Oral Surgery & What Does It Treat?

In dentistry, oral surgery typically refers to procedures that involve altering your gums and teeth. A wide variety of treatments may be considered to be oral surgery, such as root canals, tooth extractions, and dental implants, to name just a few. 

Each surgery treats different things, of course. But, generally speaking, oral surgery is used to treat serious oral health conditions caused by dental trauma or chronic oral health issues. For example, tooth extractions may be used to remove a damaged tooth, then a dental implant may be placed to restore it. If you think you have a serious oral health problem that requires oral surgery, contact All Smiles Dental Studio for a consultation with Dr. Beth Hanks in Cincinnati.

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Wisdom teeth extractions are the most common oral surgery. More than 10 million people have their wisdom teeth removed each year.

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How it works: The oral surgery process

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Diagnosis & Consultation

To begin the process, Dr. Hanks will need to assess your oral health and determine if you need oral surgery. She practices conservative dentistry, and will always do her best to choose the least invasive treatment necessary to restore your oral health.

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Numbing & Sedation

If you are approved for oral surgery, you will typically schedule a separate appointment in Cincinnati for your procedure. To begin, your mouth will be cleaned and numbed using anesthetic spray and a numbing needle. We also offer sedation options. You can discuss these with Dr. Hanks before your surgery to determine the right type of sedation for your unique situation.

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Performing Your Oral Surgery

Once your mouth has been prepared, Dr. Hanks will begin your procedure. We use the latest dental tools and technology to develop precise surgical treatment plans and ensure that you get the best possible results from your oral surgery at our Cincinnati dental office.

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Recovery & Aftercare

After your appointment, you will be sent home to recover. The specifics of your recovery will vary depending on your procedure. Dr. Hanks will provide you with a set of instructions to follow as you heal and recover from your oral surgery.

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How Long Does It Take To Recover From Oral Surgery?

This entirely depends on the type of oral surgery you’ve received. Some treatments, such as a root canal, require no downtime at all. You can get back to your routine immediately. 

Others, like having multiple teeth extracted or getting dental implants, will require at least 1-2 weeks at a minimum to heal. During this time, you will need to make a variety of lifestyle changes to ensure that your mouth heals and recovers properly. Dr. Hanks will provide you with all the details you need after your surgery is complete.

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Does It Hurt To Get Oral Surgery?

No. Oral surgery does not hurt. Your mouth will be numb, and we also offer sedation options to keep you feeling safe and comfortable throughout your procedure at All Smiles Dental Studio. During the surgery itself, you will feel no pain or discomfort. 

Pain after recovery also varies. Root canals, for example, cause minimal pain. Other treatments like a tooth extraction may cause more pain that lasts several days. Follow the instructions provided to you by Dr. Hanks to get relief and ensure that your mouth heals properly.

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Veneers are a permanent dental treatment that requires the removal of enamel.

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